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Are you Organic?


No, we are not certified organic. We were certified organic for 5 years 2007- 2012. From the beginning of our dairy in 1994 we have been pasture based with an organic management style. We think it's more important that people can connect the food they eat with the farm and people where it was produced, rather than an anonymous conglomerate of farms and farmers scattered over several states. 


What do you feed the cows?


In the grazing season our cows receive most of their diet from the pasture. They receive a portion of feed in the barn that contains some grain and vitamin and mineral supplement. Because we do not grow grain, it is purchased from a local farmer that does not grow genetically modified crops. In the winter the cows eat hay and corn silage that we grow and harvest plus the grain and vit/ min supplement. 


What are your store hours?


Our store- FreshStart Market- is located 17500 State Route 274, Jackson Center, Ohio 45334. Our store hours are Thursday- Sunday, 2- 6 pm.  We also provide a variety of local and specialty food.


Why do you use glass bottles?


90% of plastic milk jugs end up in the landfill.  Of the 10% that is recycled, the plastic is turned to lower quality plastic that eventually goes to the landfill. Plastic in the landfill takes decades to degrade. Paper milk cartons will degrade or compost at the landfill, but the energy required to manufacture milk cartons is greater than the energy needed to manufacture and wash a glass bottle. Glass milk bottles can remain in service for years. In the end, glass recycles into glass, not a lower quality product. Besides, we believe milk tastes and stores better in glass  


How does the bottle deposit thing work?


When you first purchase milk from us you will be asked to pay a $2.00 deposit for each bottle. So long as you return an equal number of bottles to those you receive, no deposit is required. Occasionally, you may have more bottles to return than you want to receive, so we will reimburse you for the extra bottles. In the beginning, you may be short a bottle because the last one isn't empty yet, so another deposit will be asked.


What if I forget my bottles?


You will need to pay deposits for the bottles you receive.


So whats the best way to clean an empty bottle?


When a bottle is empty, immediately rinse it with warm water until any trace of milk is gone.  Next add hot water and a few drops of dish soap and shake for 10- 15 seconds. Rinse the soapy water and place upside down to drain and you're done. We clean and sanitize all returned bottles before refilling with a high temperature commercial washing machine. However, bottles that are obviously returned caked and unrinsed require hand brushing before going through the machine. Your cooperation with returning clean bottles is very much appreciated.


Do you sell raw milk?


No, it is illegal to sell raw milk in the state of Ohio. We do manage a herd share for people wanting raw milk. Our herd share is currently closed to new members.


Do you sell cream and butter?


Not at this time


Can we pet the cows?


We are planing to schedule "Open Barn" days when a stoll through the barns to visit the girls will be possible.  In the meantime, farming is ranked as the 3rd most dangerous occupation in the USA and unescorted visitors at certian times of the day can be dangerous. During the grazing season, cows and heifers are usually located somewhere near the creamery for a little through the fence visitation when you visit the farm.  

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