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Did you know the average gallon of milk travels nearly 1000 miles from the farm to your home?  Our new on farm processing plant allows us to milk the cows, pasteurize, bottle the milk, even deliver to your home, within a few hours.


We are located in northern Shelby County, Ohio, just a few miles off I-75 between Jackson Center and Botkins.  Our mission is to provide high quality dairy products to the local community.

Grass Fed

Milk from grass fed cows contains higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). From early spring until late in the fall our cows spend their days grazing fresh grass and lounging in the sunshine

An Organic Integrity

We manage our cows and farm with an organic integrity. We practice sustainable agriculture methods.  Our herd care meets or exceeds the National Organic Program standards. 


We do not feed genetically modified grain or forage to our cows. 

All- Jersey

We raise and milk Jersey cows famous for their rich, creamy milk. Jersey milk is 15-18% higher in protein, calcium and other nutrients so important to your good health. 

Whole, Creamline Milk

Whole Jersey milk is 4.5- 5.3% butterfat depending on the season of the year.  "Creamline" means we do not homogenize the milk so the cream is allowed to rise to the top of the bottle. Shake it down for full flavored milk or tip it into your morning coffee or cereal.  Either way- Enjoy!

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